Debbie Larrad's 'Couch to 5k' blog

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I've never considered myself a 'runner' as I've always preferred walking, cycling and swimming. Many years ago, I completed the 5km Race for Life, but I struggled with the training and wasn't happy with my finish time so decided running wasn't for me. I know it's the taking part that counts but I'm secretly quite competitive.


In later years, when working in London, I'd get most of my exercise on the walk to the office - albeit through the urban jungle.  I'd put on my trainers and walk (really fast) around 15km a day, as part of my daily commute. I've also taken part in a couple of 100km cycling events in the past, but due to life's demands and my lack of self-discipline, I've not kept that up and although I can manage a 10km cycle ride, I'd need to train back up for distance cycling. 


Since I switched to working at home in more recent years, exercising has been on the decline. I live in a busy town where cycling takes sheer determination to get onto more scenic and safe routes and swimming means I have to be very organised and disciplined. This, combined with the thought of having to fight my way through the pots and clutter in the shed to unlock my bicycle, means I'm fairly inconsistent with exercise and am really lacking a routine. 


My husband is a keen half marathon runner and recently shared this great insight… lots of runners run for the feeling you get at the end of the race. That sense of accomplishment. Apparently, most would agree that running doesn't feel nice while you are doing it.  It's that “not nice” feeling that has always given me the great excuse of not being a runner - because it’s a bit uncomfortable, I get really hot and red faced, and generally feel a bit of a mess afterwards!


Having said that, I'm actually really envious of my husband’s medals and I'd like to feel that accomplishment of reaching a goal again, so I've decided to give the Couch to 5km programme a go and put my running ability - or lack of - to the test.  


Have I got a 5km in me? Well not yet that's for sure but let's see if I can get there…